About us

Our love of the dachshund breed started over 8 years ago when I saw an episode of Miami Rescue 911 on the Animal Planet. On the show, was a little chocolate smooth coat dachshund they brought in who was severely sick. As they nursed the little guy back to health, he won over the vets and staffers and they named him "Buddy". He was of course, immediately adopted out and lived happily ever after. Buddy stuck in my mind for several weeks as I was thinking of getting my first dog as an adult. There was just something about that funny little long body with it's short stubby legs. It was shortly after that when I found myself online looking for a local breeder (I didn't know of any rescues in the area at that time) and found a little doxie of my own.

We brought Sophie home at 8 weeks old and for the last 8 years she has brought so much joy and warmth to our lives. I quickly became a "crazy wiener dog lady" as my love for the breed grew. I started a Tumblr blog for Sophie when she was 1 year old and shortly after, started designing cute and funny wiener dog sayings and artwork. As a passionate doxie owner and lover, I simply want to express my love for the breed through the quirky and funny designs I create. I hope you enjoy the designs.

If there is a product you want with any of our designs, just let us know & we will add it.

long hair dachshund

Meet Sophie

10-Year-old Long-haired "Tweenie"

Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Soph-ee-na-wee-na, Princess, etc...

Blog: Weenie Wanderings